Why a Traditional Guest Book Isn’t Your Only Option

guest book

What if your wedding guest book was as unforgettable as the ceremony itself?

Many brides and grooms just do a plain and boring book. And, of course, everyone finds it plain and boring.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Keep reading for ideas on how to completely change up the look and feel of your book.

1. The Jenga Guest Book

One of the best ways to spice anything up is to turn it into a game. And that also goes for the book your guests sign.

Instead of having them sign a boring book, have guests sign names and short messages on Jenga blocks. This fun alternative to the boring book is sure to be a big hit with all of your guests.

As an added bonus, you and your partner are left with actual Jenga blocks that you can play on game night. Every single time you play the game, you get a fun reminder of how amazing your wedding was!

2. Sign Around the World

The foundation of a strong relationship is shared experiences. That’s why so many couples make big plans to travel across the world together.

Why not integrate that plan into your wedding? Have your guests sign names and messages on a big globe instead of in a book.

You can make this even more thematic by having them write messages about where you should travel as a couple. This turns the globe into a practical guide to a lifetime of fun vacations together.

And, of course, it remains a nice and functional decoration for your home. It turns whatever space you put it in into a reminder of the happiest day of your lives.

3. Info Cards

A globe isn’t the only way to make the guest book much more practical. Another way you can do so is to have guests fill out info cards.

Cards might ask guests to fill out information like what their name is and where they are from. However, be sure to add fun questions, such as what their favorite memory of the couple is and what they recommended for date nights and marital happiness.

This idea is very practical because the info cards end up easy to store and read at any time. And you get plenty of good ideas to start your marriage off right.

4. Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture

Everything old is new again. That is certainly the case with quick-developing photos.

Classic companies like Polaroid as well as new competitors make it easy for your guests to take pictures of themselves at your ceremony. Then they can leave the photos and messages in your guest book.

There are many advantages to this plan. It lets your guests strike dynamic poses and feel instantly rewarded by seeing the photo that develops.

And you both get a permanent memory of how your closest friends and family looked on the day you were married. Trust us: this will be a collection of memories you’ll always cherish.

5. Surf’s Up, Dude

Sometimes, the best alternative for a book to sign is something that represents your mutual interests. Having guests sign a surfboard is a great example.

There is plenty of room on the surfboard to gather all the signatures and messages from guests. And you can always use both sides if you need to.

This makes for a fun and quirky memory for your guests. And it creates a really awesome accessory that you can display at your new home.

A surfboard isn’t the only fun alternative, either. Click here to read some more great ideas.

6. Staying Off the Rocks

One of the main goals of couples is to keep their new marriage off “the rocks.” As it turns out, rocks make a pretty great alternative to a guest book.

Provide guests with smooth, light stones and sharpie markers. Make sure the stones are big enough that they can sign their names and a short message.

At the time, it makes for an entertaining activity for your guests. And afterward, you and your partner can come up with plenty of creative ways to display these new rocks.

This idea is so good we guarantee at least one of your friends will try to copy it.

7. Grow a Signature Tree

A good relationship should always be growing. Why not make that metaphor literal by growing a signature tree?

The tree is typically a simple, painted tree and branches on an elegant wooden surface. Next, you provide guests with leaves or hearts for them to sign.

The final step is to attach the signed items to the tree. Now, the tree that looked barren is blooming with the signatures of all of your family and friends.

This makes for a simple and elegant home decoration while also serving as a solid alternative to a simple signature book.

8. Message in a Bottle

Most of the alternatives to a traditional guest book still involve reading everything right away. But what if you put that pleasure off for a year?

One of the best alternatives is to have guests sign short notes and then place them in a bottle. Afterward, cork the bottle back up and wait for your anniversary to open it up.

This creates a fun “message in a bottle” theme for your guests. And it gives you and your partner something fun to look forward to on your anniversary.

The Bottom Line

If you’re reading this, then you want your wedding ceremony to be just perfect. And you don’t want to limit yourself to replacing the traditional guest book.

Fortunately, you don’t have to innovate all on your own. At Wishes Planet, we specialize in coming up with amazing ideas for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and so much more.

This is your chance to make every event you plan absolutely unforgettable. And your guests never need to know you’ve got a “secret weapon” in our website.

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