How to Plan a Marvel ‘Black Panther’ Birthday Party

black panther birthday party

Marvel’s Black Panther movie has been breaking records since it was released, with thousands of people flocking to movie theaters to see it. Every element of the movie — from the acting to the costumes to the music to the dialogue — has racked up reviews from critics and moviegoers alike.

Because of the hype and excitement surrounding the movie, it won’t be long before themed parties inspired by Black Panther start popping up. If you or someone you know has an upcoming birthday, it could be a perfect chance to get in on the trend.

Like all parties, throwing a Black Panther birthday party will require some logistical planning, especially since you want to take advantage of the popular theme.

Below, we’re providing you with a simple guide and inspirational ideas for planning a Black Panther themed birthday party. Read on to learn more.

1. Start with a Movie Screening

To kick off your Black Panther birthday party, you should arrange for everyone attending to see the movie together. This will ensure that everyone has the knowledge of the movie that they need to appreciate the party theme and the specific details you’ve chosen to incorporate.

Pick a time that works for people to meet at the theater, so you can all see the movie together. Depending on how many people you have, you will probably want to buy tickets in advance to make sure everyone gets in.

If you want to go over the top, you could even consider renting a theater out so that only guests for your party are there.

2. Plan Themed Activities

After you see the movie, you should plan for you and your guests to go back to a space where you can continue with the rest of the party’s festivities. This could be your home or a private event space.

Set up hands-on activities in different areas that relate to the movie. This could be arts and crafts, like making an origami bird or your own Black Panther-inspired movie poster. You could also create a fun trivia game to test how well everyone remembers the details of the movie.

3. Set Out Food and Drinks

Refreshments are a critical element to any successful party, and you want to make sure people have enough to snack on and drink.

Since you are having a Black Panther party, look for ways to incorporate that theme into the food. For an adult party, think of a fun, Black Panther-themed cocktail. A cake in the shape of a Black Panther will also be a winner with any crowd.

You can also incorporate traditional movie snacks, like popcorn, nachos, and movie theater candy.

Ready to Throw a Black Panther Birthday Party?

Themed birthday parties always feel more fun, and now is the perfect time to get inspired by the success of Black Panther. You’ll be giving your guests the chance to see a movie they are bound to love, and a great overall experience.

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