How to Plan a Magic Themed Party for Adults

magic themed party for adults

Are you throwing a birthday or bachelorette party or having a get-together? Themed parties can be a super fun way to get your guests involved and participating in party activities.

Did you know that you can have a magic-themed party for adults? Magic isn’t just for kids. A magic themed party for adults is a great way to introduce relaxation, meditation, and togetherness.

Let’s take a look at some of the activities you can introduce during your party.

Magic Themed Party For Adults

What does a magic themed party for adults involve? There are a ton of fun things you can incorporate that are not childish and appeal to older people.

Crystal Bags

A crystal bag or pouch is a super easy party favor to make. Crystal pouches are made to be carried on your person or hung in your home or under your pillow. There are a lot of crystals and all of them have different properties.

You can personalize these bags by making one specific for each party attendant or have a DIY crystal bag station. Crystal bags can provide healing forces, positive vibes, cleansing, and much more.

When you construct a bag, the combination of crystals you select is designed to help you receive your desires. It’s a great conduit of spiritual energy and positive life forces.

Custom Oils

Another great party favor for your magic themed party for adults is custom infused oils. Herbs and essential oils, like crystals, all have different meanings and abilities.

Essential oils can bring positive therapy to an individuals life. Orange can bring energy, while lavender can calm and relax. Licorice root and rose hips stand for love and grounding, and jasmine for dreaming.

Having a special oil as a party favor for each guest is a special addition to your party.

Crystal Grids

If you’re looking for some great party decor, crystal grids are the way to go. You can use them for tabletop decor, or on the food and dessert table.

Crystal grids create by making a pattern out of crystals that point to a goal. The crystals charge with energy and that energy directs toward that goal. They can be designed in any pattern you wish, and make for a lovely, unique table setting.

Wishing Bowls

Wishing bowls are a super fun way to get your guests involved and participating. Place a bowl on a table and leave little slips of paper for guests to write on.

Your guests can write down a wish on their slip of paper. At the end of the night, each guest gets to take a wish home with them. Whatever wish they pick out of the bowl is a perfect wish that fate determined for them to have!

Having a wishing bowl invites your guests to open up and give something back to the universe.


If the party is still blazing, you can always order kratom online to give your guests a little jolt of energy. If your party is winding down, one of the best ways to end your party is to meditate as a group.

Your meditation can be simple. It provides a way to connect with your guests and grounds you all in the same space together with each other. Practicing Reiki can help clear all of the energy from the night, nervousness, anxiousness, excitement.

Getting Ready to Host

Now that you know all the details about hosting a great magic party, you can prepare to host other parties! You can choose any theme you like.

If you’re strapped on party ideas, look at this blog about the best themes for your party.