5 Tips for Getting Party Favors Your Guests Will Love

party favors

Hosting an awesome party is a great way to earn brownie points with your friends. And for an even classier look, you ought to give your guests some good old-fashioned party favors.

So how do you get gifts your guests will love? Follow these tips:

Aim For Practical Party Favors

Every house has the classic junk drawer. Open yours up and take a look.

Anything that’s in there probably isn’t a good idea for a party favor.

These items are mostly useless because they aren’t practical and don’t serve a day-to-day purpose. Gifts that aren’t practical are bound to end up in that junk drawer, or worse, in the trash.

When choosing what to give as a gift to your party guests, makes sure you’re picking something that you personally would want and use.

Follow a Theme

If your party has a theme, follow it with your party favors!

Following a theme will give the gift more sentimental value and help your guests remember the fun.

For example, if the party is a wedding reception, try to make the favor or its packaging match the wedding’s colors, decor, and location.

Or if you’re hosting a dinner party, you could make laminated cards with the recipe printed on them or give small bottles of the wine you served.

Everyone Loves Food

When it comes to gifts, it’s hard to go wrong with food.

The great advantage of using food for favors is that you know you won’t be wastefully spending on something that will quickly get thrown away. Whether it’s store-bought or homemade, you know delicious food will get eaten.

Try a bag of cookies, or a cookie mix decoratively layered in a mason jar.

Another idea is to have a grab-bag candy bar at your party. Provide a wide selection of goodies like at a candy store and let your guests fill a bag each.

Add Some Mystery

Another way to add some fun to your favors is create a sense of mystery.

Package your favors up so your guests can’t see what’s inside. Let each guest pick from a pile at random and see what they get. If someone doesn’t like what they receive, guests can trade for some extra fun.

For example, as a party favor for men, you could purchase some verschillende heren bretellen, which are suspenders that come in different styles and colors. These are packaged in a small tin can, which make them perfect for party favors. Without seeing the design, the men can pick out a can at random and let their gift be a surprise.

Make Extras

Parties are known for getting crashed or the surprise appearance of a plus-one.

No matter who shows up, you want them to have fun. That’s why it’s always smart to make a few extra favors.

This is also useful if your favors will need to be transported to the event location. Sometimes the bumpy roads cause packaging to become dented or smashed, and fragile favors might even break. Bringing some backups is always a smart plan.

More Party Tips

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