5 Chocolate Free Easter Gifts for Adults

easter gifts for adults

Americans will most likely spend over $18 billion on Easter this year.

Many of us stick to the script and buy chocolate. In fact, nearly nine out of 10 people who plan to celebrate Easter will purchase candy.

But sometimes it’s a good idea to switch things up by giving gifts that nobody will expect.

Looking to surprise your loved ones with chocolate-free Easter gifts for adults? Here are a few can’t-miss items you should consider adding to your basket this year!

1. Body Lotion

Not only does body lotion make your skin soft and smooth, but it also smells heavenly. Plus, you can always pair it with shampoo and soap to put together your own bath and body gift set.

If you want to get creative and give your loved one an in-home spa experience, try massage lotion. Sexy Kitten, for example, has a wide selection of fruit flavored massage lotions that are perfect for couples.

2. Scented Candles

Research shows odors affect people’s behaviors and moods. If you want to make your loved ones feel good and stay productive, what better way to do it than with scented candles?

There are countless scents that appeal to both men and women alike.

Scents like apple pie and chocolate cake can bring back pleasant childhood memories. Coffee addicts, on the other hand, may prefer roasted espresso or vanilla cappuccino.

3. Mugs and Glasses

Many Easter gifts for adults are temporary. If you want a versatile gift that can last a lifetime, consider a high-quality mug or glass.

You can find novelty mugs to suit any occasion.

Custom coffee mugs are another great option if you want to add a personal touch.

It’s hard to go wrong with elegant wine glasses as well. Consider stemless wine glasses if they already have a collection of stemmed ones.

4. Books

Even though reading offers endless health benefits, many of us still don’t do it often enough.

But it’s not hard to get someone to read if you give them something that piques their interest. Whether your loved one is an avid sports fan, history buff, or hopeless romantic, you’ll have no trouble finding hin a captivating book.

A cookbook is an excellent option for the food lover in your life. Maybe they want to learn how to prepare Tex-Mex or Asian cuisine at home. There are also many cookbooks for popular diets such as Keto and DASH.

5. Throw Pillows

Some Easter gifts for adults, such as gift cards, flowers, and candy, can seem like uninspired fallbacks. However, throw pillow is an imaginative gift that changes the vibe of any room.

Since you’ve been inside your loved one’s home, you know his style preferences. This makes it easier to choose something you know he’ll like.

That said, an Easter-themed fabric is a good place to start.

Get Creative with Easter Gifts for Adults

Now that you know what to buy, how are you going to wrap those gifts?

You can use a gift bag, but placing your gifts in a basket takes things to another level.

Add a few layers of shredded tissue paper to make your gift basket look fuller. Also, don’t forget to wrap the basket in cellophane and tie it with a colorful ribbon.

Still not sure what you should get your loved ones this Easter? If so, feel free to check out our gift ideas blog for more inspiration!