10 Lovely Post Surgery Gifts

post surgery gifts

48 million surgical procedures are done in the United States each year. Chances are you will know at least one or two people who are included in that statistic.

Recovering from surgery can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. That’s a long time for someone to not feel like themselves. It can be hard to know what you can do to help.

Do you have a loved one who is recovering from surgery? Check out this list of lovely post surgery gifts to show you care and cheer for their healing.

Practical Post Surgery Gifts

During a hospital stay, even the most simple items are needed and appreciated. Here are 5 practical items that are needed in the hospital.

1. Basic Toiletries

It’s hard to know exactly what you will need for a stay at the hospital. Many times the unexpected happens and your loved one may end up staying longer than planned. This is where a bag full of basic toiletries would be useful.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a vanity bag full of the necessities:

  • a toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • face wipes
  • chapstick
  • deodorant
  • lotion

You know, the things that will help your loved one feel like a normal person.

2. Blankets

No one likes to stay in bed all day, especially when it’s not your own bed. Having a favorite blanket from home can bring a lot of comfort to someone in the hospital.

Hospital blankets are stiff and thin. And often patients have the chills from various degrees of shock. A heavier blanket is sometimes all it takes to really calm someone after surgery.

Ask if there is favorite blanket at home you could bring your loved one to help them feel more comfortable in their hospital bed

3. Socks and Slippers

We all know too well the mishaps that can happen from those dreaded hospital gowns. Help keep your loved one feeling decent by bringing some post-surgery gifts consisting of some cute sweats and socks that they can walk around in. Even if it’s just getting up to go to the bathroom, no one wants to worry about what’s hanging out in the back.

4. Pictures

If your loved one is in the hospital for an extended amount of time, try to make their hospital room feel a little more like home.

Don’t be afraid to ask if there is anything from home that you can bring them to make their stay more comfortable. This includes pictures, little decorations and mementos, and maybe even their favorite mug.

Seeing the little things they love can help them feel calmer.

5. Food and meals

Take it from me, hospital food gets old. I mean, you can only eat the fish and sticks so many times.

Ask your loved one what their favorite lunch is, and bring it to them as a post surgery gift. They will love it, I promise.

Most hospitals only have certain kinds of beverages. Find out if you can bring them their favorite beverage in a styrofoam cup with pebble ice. You’ll get brownie points for sure with that one.

Also, if they have a family at home, offer to take a meal to their family. Families are also affected when a parent or sibling is the hospital. Not into cooking? Try a meal delivery service.

Fun Post Surgery Gifts

If the basics have been taken care of, here are 5 more unique and personalized gifts you can give.

6. Mind Activity Games

Staying in a bed all day and staring at white walls would drive anyone crazy. To pass the time, bring your loved one some mind activity books. There are a lot of ways to keep the mind active, even when your body can’t be.

Just to name a few:

  • Sudoku
  • Crosswords puzzles
  • Riddles

While you’re at it, bring along a journal so they can write down their thoughts.

7. Spa Day

Is your loved one recovering from Allure Plastic Surgery? Let them know that a spa day is in the making.

Give them a gift certificate of a day of full spa services. This will be the perfect finishing touch for their new look.

And after recovering from surgery, everyone deserves a spa day.

8. Magazines and Chocolate

I’ll be honest, it’s hard to focus after a surgery. Your body is in pain, and the medication can make you feel a little loopy. sometimes all you need are some easy-reading, light-and-fluffy magazines to keep your mind occupied, but where you don’t have to think so hard.

And while you’re at it, bring the best chocolate you can find.

9. Audible

Audible is a great way to pass the time. It’s nice to relax and get lost in a good, interesting book.

A subscription to Audible would be a great post surgery gift for your loved one. You could even add a list of some of your personal favorite books on tape.

10. Momentos

Having surgery is a bid deal. Let your loved one know you are aware of them by giving them some sort of personal memento of the occasion.

A simple necklace with their initial or a bracelet with a motivational saying on it would mean a lot.

Let them know they are not alone, and you will help them get through this time.

Just Be There

One of the most important post surgery gifts you give your loved one when they are going through surgery is to just be there for them.

We get it, you want to help but it’s hard to know what to say. You’re afraid of saying the wrong thing or doing something that isn’t very helpful. That’s where we come in. We have provided lists of wishes you can use in any situation.

By just showing up and asking what they need will show your loved one that you have good intentions. They will recognize your willingness to help and be appreciative.

It’s like they say, no good deed goes unnoticed.

So don’t hold back and show how much you care. And we’re always here if you need help knowing what to say.