10 Creative Ways to Propose to Your Partner

creative ways to propose

While statistics show that 94 percent of couples discuss getting married before they become engaged, surprise proposals remain popular.

If you’re the one popping the question, its time to decide how to do it. Keep reading to learn 10 creative ways to propose to your partner.

1. Let the Location Speak for Itself

One of the most creative ways to propose is also one of the simplest.

Rather than buying dozens of flowers, lighting a hundred candles, or going to other great lengths to make the moment perfect, choose a location that is meaningful. Take him or her to the location of your first date, first kiss, or a spot where another significant event took place.

You could also pick an entirely new place that offers its own beautiful setting. A rooftop bar downtown, a sunset view on a mountainside, or another breathtaking setting can make for a lasting memory-and some great pictures!

2. Incorporate Your Favorite Hobby

Do you and your soon-to-be fiancee love to go kayaking, hiking, catching local concerts, or enjoy other fun hobbies together? Then why not incorporate that hobby in your proposal?

By making your hobby a part of the big day, you’ll get to remember that moment every time you enjoy that hobby again in the future. You can plan to enjoy your hobby on anniversaries to make them extra special as well!

3. Pop the Question on a Holiday

Holidays are already a time of celebration and love. While popping the question on a holiday like Christmas or Valentine’s Day might seem like a cliche, those dates are popular for a reason. Each year when that holiday rolls around again, you’ll have yet another reason to celebrate!

The big holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving are also great because you’ll likely be around family and friends that you may not see very often.

This will give you a chance to share the news and the excitement with them in person, rather than proposing at another time and having to wait for the holidays to come around to see your friends and family again.

4. Make it a Challenge

Want to up the excitement of your proposal? Plan a scavenger hunt leading your girlfriend or boyfriend to the site of your proposal.

Your scavenger hunt can be elaborate, with several clues and different locations. Or you could create a simple map or single clue leading to the big spot where you’ll be waiting with your anillos de brillantes.

5. Write What You’re Feeling

The best creative ways to propose are those that make one of the biggest moments in your life even more special.

Writing a heartfelt note letting your significant other know just how much you love them will not only help make that moment more special but will also give them something that they can look back on for years to come.

Not sure what to write in your special note? Consider the promises you would make in your wedding vows for inspiration! As a bonus, you’ll have your ideas in order for the even bigger day if your girlfriend or boyfriend says yes.

6. Bring Along the Family

If your soon-to-be fiancee is close to his or her family or even just one member of it, inviting them along for the proposal can be a great surprise.

If it won’t tip off your significant other that something is going on, invite the family member along for your outing, dinner, or day trip and have them ready with a camera to capture the moment.

If their presence would tip off your significant other that something is going on, you can always have the family member hide in a pre-chosen spot where they’ll be able to witness the big moment and then celebrate with you immediately after you pop the question.

7. Get Musical

Some creative ways to propose are special because they are heartfelt and intimate. Others are creative because they make a big statement. This idea falls into the second category.

Having a single musician or a whole group play as you’re asking the love of your life to marry you is a great way to make the moment stand out. You’ll be turning heads and likely spurring plenty of applause.

8. Think Newsworthy

Unless you’ve discussed the idea of getting engaged with your girlfriend or boyfriend, the proposal is likely to be a big surprise. Make it an even bigger one by hiding your proposal in plain sight.

Taking an ad out in a newspaper or renting a billboard or other sign space is a fun way to pop the question. Just make sure you choose a spot that your significant other is sure to see and include their full name to avoid any confusion.

9. Get Away with a Getaway

There’s no better way to celebrate your proposal than with a fun weekend getaway or an impromptu vacation. Why not combine that trip with the big moment itself?

You could plan a vacation with your loved one or plan a surprise trip. Then, pop the question on the airplane or when you arrive at the location. You’ll get to spend the rest of your trip celebrating.

10. Go Big

If you’re dreaming of a unique proposal that will wow your loved one and anyone else who hears the story, you need to go big.

There are tons of ways to do this. You could coordinate with your local zoo or aquarium for a creative proposal staged in or around an exhibit. Rent out a movie theater and broadcast the question on the big screen. Hire a biplane and ask with a banner flying high above.

The sky is the limit when it comes to creative ways to propose.

Choosing the Right Creative Ways to Propose

While all of the creative proposal ideas on this list are sure to be a hit, keep in mind that as your new fiancee is going to be happy no matter how you ask.

Don’t let your determination to make it a big event overshadow a very important special moment between you and the person you love.

Once you’ve popped the question, the real planning begins. If you’re ready to start planning your dream wedding, check out these awesome tips for a destination wedding!