10 Out Of The Box Rental Services You Didn’t Know About

rental services

You know about Uber and Airbnb. You know about renting books from the library, and you (hopefully) remember a time when everyone rented movies at the video store.

Rental services have extended beyond the basics into nearly every item and concept known to man.

Let’s get into the top rental services you’ve probably never heard about!

1. Puppies

They’re cute, they’re cuddly, they’re adorable, and they can be yours at an hourly rate.

Puppy rental services will deliver an adorable puppy straight to your home. It’s a great opportunity if you’re interested in adopting a dog or just having some good, old-fashioned animal therapy time.

After all, it’s a puppy for rent. Need we say more?

2. Your Own Wingman

Tired of getting rejected at the bar? All your friends coupled up or struggling to find dates themselves?

It may be time to try something different. Professional wingman services can help you score a hot date, find love, and boost your social skills.

If you question your ability to talk to new people, these professional actors can help you smoothly pick up local ladies and perfect your conversations.

3. Groomsmen and Bridesmaids

Tying the knot with your beloved this year? You probably already know about renting wedding dresses or linens, but did you know that you can outsource your wedding party with professionals?

Yep! You can actually rent bridesmaids and groomsmen for your special day. From helping with day-of coordination duties to crafting a killer speech, these rental services allow you to really soak in every important moment of your wedding.

Best of all? They are trained in managing all the little details that come with wedding coordination. If you have friends or family in your wedding party, this allows them to loosen up and relax some. Everybody wins!

4. Wedding Cake

Speaking of weddings, who doesn’t look forward to a good slice of cake? If you’re planning your special day, you already know how quickly all those expenses add up.

Looking to save on your dessert? Consider cake rental services! Nobody can tell that they’re fake, even though the only flavor they offer is styrofoam.

Get those adorable cake-cutting pictures with your newlywed, and save some serious cash by providing sheet cake to eat instead. Nobody will know the difference!

5. Caskets

Whether we like it or not, the process of death inevitably costs money. With that said, rental caskets can help with some of the high fees.

Here’s how it works: the body is placed in a simple wooden box that is placed inside the rental casket. Therefore, it looks like the body is actually in the casket (even though it’s never touching it).

After the service, the funeral company simply removes the casket box.

It’s environmentally-friendly and easy on the wallet. Best of all? Nobody has to know.

6. Chicken

Does the thought of raising chicken in your own backyard bring a smile to your face? Want to be able to make your own fresh eggs every morning, but you’re just not sure if you’re ready to commit to buying or building your own coop?

It’s a big investment, and you need to know the risks before jumping in. Rental services like renting a chicken allow you to experience all the joy (and work) that comes with raising chickens, and you can see for yourself if it’s for you!

Best of all? Most companies allow you to adopt them after your rental period concludes.

7. Luggage

Going overseas or merely planning a local family vacation? Don’t waste a ton of money or precious storage space on travel bags and suitcases you’ll hardly use.

Instead, consider this: renting luggage for a fraction of the cost (usually lent out for one-week rentals), having it shipped directly to your doorstep, and simply ship it back when you’re done. Easy as that!

8. Garden Spaces

Interested in growing your own flowers or vegetables? Want an environmentally and economically friendly hobby that doubles as one of the most awesome rental services for those that lack access to their own yards?

Rented garden plots exist all around the country, and for a small annual price, you can grow your own crops without the stress.

If you have your own garden, you can also look at options to rent it out to others who may be interested in growing their own fruits and vegetables.

9. Paparazzi

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be an A-list celebrity, paparazzi rental services provide you with exactly that chance.

Yes, you can actually outsource your own paparazzi team, consisting of photographers and videographers, which will capture your special event or girl’s night out.

Coupled with fancy clothing and these transportation services, you can transform your party into a Hollywood extravaganza- candid “tabloid-style” photos and all.

10. Friends

With over 600,000 active friends, RentaFriend is one of the leading rental services in the world connecting like-minded people.

Want a local to show you around a new city? Have an invitation to a wedding and don’t want to go by yourself? Want to learn a new hobby or have your own workout buddy?

With these services, you get to meet new people, engage in your passions, or simply have someone to share a memorable experience with.

Final Thoughts on Rental Services

In today’s shared economy, it’s easier than ever to benefit from rental services without the upfront costs or hassle of owning such items.

From wedding cakes to paparazzi, there’s no shortage of unique opportunities out there. Get renting!