libra birthday wishes

We’re delighted to bring the awesome list of Libra Birthday Wishes and Quotes for 2016. As speaking up about Libras, they’re quite exciting because of their absolutely different nature or you can say ‘rebellious’. Even they love to keep everything balanced and equal in life. So for this exciting zodiac sign, we have compiled a […]

virgo birthday wishes

We’re delighted to bring the extensive list of Best Virgo Birthday Wishes and Quotes for you. Virgos have great mindset and they always make you feel good. This list of Best Virgo Birthday Wishes and Quotes is absolutely full of precious words for the ones to whom you’re gonna dedicate these on their birthday. You’ll […]

lovely sunday wishes and quotes

So here comes Sunday! A little pause to your busy schedule that gives you an advantage to sleep tight the whole day and be lazy. LOL! Wishesplanet is glad to bring the latest Sunday Wishes and Quotes for you. Sunday could be a lazy day for you but overall, your family gets the best advantage of […]

40 Amazing Christmas Wishes For You 2016

We’re happy to bring amazing Merry Christmas Wishes for you in 2016. Merry Christmas is a Christian festival that takes place on 25th December of every year to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. On this beautiful festival, people Wish Merry Christmas to everyone, do gift exchanging, make classy decorations, wear Santa Clause outfits and […]

Best Defence Day Wishes 2016

We’re here with the best defence day quotes, wishes and greetings for you. 6 September 1965 is the date on which Pakistan took victory against India. The war began to get more worse and the ceasefire saved many lives on both sides. After Pakistan’s victory, leaders decided to name this day, Defence Day, which is […]

Happy  Janmashtami Wishes And Janmashtami Quotes 2016

We’re glad to compile an amazing collection of Happy Janmashtami Wishes and Janmashtami Quotes for the most marvellous occasion of Hindu community. This event is also known as Krishna Janmashtami and it is annually celebrated among Hindu community as the birthday celebration of their deity Krishna. We are here with the amazing Janmashtami wishes and […]

Independence Day Status

So it is the Independence Day in your country which will remind you of the sacrifices and struggle to make it a free state for you. Don’t forget those martyrs on this day who sacrificed their todays to give you a better tomorrow.

90+ Most Amazing Love Wishes For Wife 2016

The love between a husband and a wife is forever lasting because their souls are close to each other like if they are merged. They share everything to each other because they are faithful to each other. There are plenty of other things to notice that makes a married life perfect for every couple. It’s […]

Best Whatsapp Status for Winter Season

Winter season is loved by everyone because of the cold weather in which people can go for journeys and trips freely to enjoy. They love to play with snow even. Hot weather never allows us to enjoy as like cold weather and that’s why Winter is the most awaited season for everyone. So the cold […]

Most Amazing Miss You Wishes

Missing someone at the time when you really need them around you is the fact that you have true feelings for them. It could be anyone who is very much close to your heart. If they are in touch, you’ll simply say, “Miss You” and that’s where the souls become thirsty to be together. It’s […]