30+ Nature Wishes | Best Nature Wishes 2016

Love nature and it’s beauty? Then here we have the collection of Best Nature Wishes for you to send to your loved ones. Nature is what God has created for us with all beautiful aspects which sometimes we can’t even imagine that they even exist. God has created lots of refreshing, breathtaking and heartwarming beauties for […]

Best Honeymoon Wishes 2016

After marriage, all couples wants to go on a best and memorable trip to make them memories which they call a honeymoon. It’s the easy way to the new couple know each other. Couples are nervous when they meet the first time after the ceremony; it also helps to remove your worried. Today we are […]

marriage wishes for sister

Happy moments! Your sister have just got married. WishesPlanet proudly presents the fabulous collection of Marriage Wishes for Sister. Sisters are the precious gifts by GOD and they really fill our lives with colors and happiness. It’s always a great time to spend with them. They’re so adorable that the love between a brother and […]

aries birthday wishes

Looking for Aries Birthday Wishes? Here we’ve compiled the list of Amazing Aries Birthday Wishes and Quotes. Aries is the 3rd zodiac sign which loves to be quite more independent as compared to the other zodiac signs. Aries are quite courageous, optimistic, generous and enthusiastic. While, they can be short-tempered, moody and impatient at times, […]

aquarius birthday wishes

WishesPlanet gladly presents the collection of Best Aquarius Birthday Wishes and Quotes. Speaking up about the strong zone of Aquarius; they are quite clever, witty, humanitarian and quite  original of themselves, and they’re also quite inventive. Sometimes, Aquarius could be stubborn, sarcastic and unemotional but that’s only where the weakness lies in them. Still they’re […]

sagittarius birthday wishes

WishesPlanet presents extensive collection of Sagittarius Birthday Wishes and Quotes. Sagittarius is the sign which is quite optimistic, confident, free spirited and spontaneous. Sagittarius are also quite enthusiastic, idealistic and wisdom-seekers. That’s what makes them special in all the zodiac signs. Factually, if someone can understand them better, Sagittarius are truly quite loving to them. So, […]

scorpio birthday wishes

WishesPlanet presents the extensive collection of Scorpio Birthday Wishes. Undoubtedly, Scorpio is most attentive, loyal and energetic sign of all the zodiac signs and it is quite capable to stay still with the people and the occupations. Scorpio has one of the greatest weakness to be jealous but it’s alright as they’re great with other […]

100+ Punjabi Wishes Outstanding Punjabi Greetings 2016

Wanna wish someone in Punjabi? Right! Wishesplanet presents an amazing collection of Punjabi Wishes and Punjabi Greetings for you. You might feel feasible to write something to someone in Punjabi language as it is being your mother tongue and so this is the best platform where you can find amazing Punjabi Wishes and Greetings. 🙂 […]

halloween wishes and greetings

Halloween is coming! You must be looking for best Halloween wishes and greetings. WishesPlanet presents best collection of Halloween wishes and greetings in 2016. Halloween is also known as All Hollows Day, which is a Christian event widely celebrated in western countries. Halloween marks 3-days dedication in remembrance of dead, including saints, martyrs and other […]

happy onam wishes

Happy Onam! You’re surely looking for some amazing Happy Onam Wishes and Quotes on this day and sure we have a great collection for you here. Onam is a Hinduism festival which is mostly celebrated in Kerala state of India, but also it’s celebrated in other parts too. This festival marks the homecoming of the […]